The mission of the Asian Pacific Society of Dialysis Access (APSDA) is to improve the quality of dialysis patient care by the advancement of research, education, collaboration and clinical practice standards regarding dialysis access.
The APSDA was founded in 2017 during the Dialysis Access Symposium 2017 (DAS2017) in Nagoya, Japan. After successful meetings of DAS2015 in Korea and DAS2017, the advisory board members concluded that we needed to continue this educational program to improve our dialysis patient care. The main objectives of the society are focused on the advancing knowledge and clinical practice related to the dialysis access, and communication among countries within the region.
The APSDA is organized exclusively for scientific and educational purposes.
Its purposes include:

   ① To advance knowledge and clinical practice of medicine related to dialysis access, particularly in the
       Asian Pacific region.

   ② To promote scientific exchange and to facilitate communication among societies related to dialysis
       access within the region.

   ③ To promote education, research and clinical practice initiatives by organizing a regional congress
       every year or at such other times as determined by the Council.

   ④ To promote and facilitate training in diagnostic and interventional procedures related to dialysis access.

   ⑤ To cooperate with other international organizations for scientific and educational programs.